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Batting Practice and Glove Relacing in Belleville, IL

When you’re an athlete, skill is only one half of the equation that separates good players from great ones—the other half is having the right equipment on your side. Whether it’s swinging a bat that you’re familiar with or fielding with a glove that’s been relaced to fit you better, knowing that your equipment is up to par means knowing you’ve got the edge when you’re on the field.

Curt Smith Sporting Goods is here to provide a variety of peripheral athletic equipment services to you. Some of the superior services you can rely on us for include:

Glove relacing

If you need an old mitt restored to its former glory, Curt Smith Sporting Goods is the place to visit. We’re seasoned when it comes to glove relacing in Belleville, IL and can have your tired old glove looking good as new and catching better than it ever has before. We’re familiar with all brands and types of gloves and assure you the very best relacing possible.

Glove steaming

You can’t walk onto the field with a glove that’s stiff and unbroken! If you’re in the market for a new glove and you want to make sure it’s play-ready, let us steam it into shape for you. We’ll condition your glove in minutes to give it a looser play, better feel and higher level of performance, so you’re able to snag that deep fly with no problem at all.

Indoor test batting

Whether you’re working on your form or trying to get familiar with a new bat, come to Curt Smith Sporting Goods today to test yourself at our indoor batting station. Stop on by and take a few swings today!

Whether you’re looking for a place to practice your swing or you’re in need of glove steaming in Belleville, IL, know that Curt Smith Sporting Goods is here to accommodate you. For our full range of peripheral equipment services, please feel free to give us a call today at 618-233-5177.